Percona Live London is next week!Monday next week, on November 3rd, I will be delivering a tutorial on the greatest MySQL European Conference, the Percona Live London 2014. The topic is a natural continuation of the one I delivered last year on the same venue, “Query Optimization with MySQL 5.6: Old and New Tricks“. This year I will be focusing on the newest optimizer changes that we can find not only in the already published 5.6 and MariaDB 10, but also some of the latest features in the still in development MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.1. Topics on this workshop, which I have titled “Query Optimization with MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10: Even Newer Tricks“, will include: new 5.7 cost-based optimizer, virtual columns, query rewriter plugin api, new join methods, subquery optimization, sql mode changes, full text search and GIS improvements. All of it with easy-to follow examples and hands-on exercises.

Here you have the full detailed agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. Break (VM installation)
  3. General Optimizer Improvements
  4. Computed/Virtual Columns
  5. Query Rewrite Plugins
  6. SQL Mode Changes
  7. Join Optimization
  8. Subquery Optimization
  9. Fulltext search
  10. GIS Improvements
  11. Break
  12. Query Profiling
  13. Results and Conclusions
  14. Q&A

Update: Here you have the full deck of slides:

All necessary materials are on:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: if you plan to attend this tutorial, in order to avoid last-minute connectivity problems, please pre-download all necessary files as indicated in the tutorial guide. These include the example database and the 5.7/MariaDB server installation.

While I will be handling removable media with those same files, and you will be able to follow the explanation fully just by watching my screen, as I will show everything myself, but you will get much more out of the tutorial if you took 5 minutes to prepare your system in advance.

I will be gifting several usb drives among those that take the time to setup their systems beforehand and attend my tutorial as a thank you for helping make the session smoother. Mention me on twitter saying something like “I already have everything prepared for the @dbahire_en tutorial #perconalive”, so I can reserve yours!

See you next Monday at 9:00 London time at Orchard 2.

My Tutorial on Query Optimization for Percona Live London 2014 (and Important Information If You Wish to Attend)
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