pyconesNext Saturday, 8 November 2014, at 19:30 I will be speaking about MySQL Fabric for PyConES 2014 (the Spanish version of the PyCon), the annual meeting point for all developers and enthusiasts of Python in Spain.
While I say myself that I am not a developer, a lot of my time as a MySQL consultant requires implementing automatic procedures (backups, health checks, AWS management, …) and for that I mainly use a combination of Python and Bash.

In my talk, which I have titled “MySQL Fabric, a High Availability solution for Connector/Python” I will explain how to setup and configure a set of MySQL servers and Python application clients using Connector/Python in order to provide service resiliency and extra performance for both reads and writes (thanks to its semi-automatic sharding capabilities) on your application. The framework itself (Fabric, part of the MySQL Utilities) is open source and under heavy development (also programmed in Python, of course!). If at any point in your career you suffered from bad database performance or application downtime, you must come to my talk! I will also compare it to other relatively similar solutions, providing its pros and cons. The session will be delivered in English.

As a speaker, I have a discount code to share with you “DescuentoPonentes“, as there is still time to register for the event.

See you in Zaragoza!

Update: Here you have the slides:

My Talk at PyConES 2014 Zaragoza about MySQL Fabric
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