Jaime Crespo

Jaime Crespo

MySQL consultancy & training

I am speaking at PyConES 2014 (Zaragoza, Spain)

PyConES Zaragoza, November 8-9, 2014

Join me in a 30 minutes introduction to "MySQL Fabric: High Availability Solution for Connector/Python" (November 8 at 19:30) and many other great talks.

Professional experience

Currently working as an independent contractor, I have worked for the private (MySQL A.B., Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Percona, Zend) and public sector (BBC, CERN, Spanish government) as a consultant, system administrator, DBA and technical trainer, among others.

My IT skills include:

I currently hold the following certifications:

Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Certified MySQL 5.1 Cluster Database Administrator Certified MySQL 5.0 Developer
Certified Zend Engineer: PHP 5.3 Sun Certified Java Programmer, Java SE 6 Sun Certified Web component Developer, Java EE 5

I can speak English, Spanish & French. Trying to learn German at the time.

Personal summary

Born in 1983 in LogroƱo, I moved to Zaragoza in 2001 to study computer engineering. I work now as a full-time MySQL consultant/trainer.

In my free time I contribute to projects like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, as I am an advocate of the free software and open data movements. I also love photography, cycling, astronomy (stargazing), reading (fantasy and good science fiction) and theater (mainly, acting myself).